Welcome to Glassey Fundraising

Through hands-on experience in fundraising consultancy, Glassey Fundraising & Event Management has successfully raised hundreds of thousands of pounds for a number of charities located throughout the United Kingdom. 

We believe that charities sometimes need help in finding new sources of funding and creating sustainable funding for their organisation. Glassey Fundraising & Event Management offers a positive external viewpoint that can help you to brainstorm a wider variety of funding ideas and options, the reassurance and confidence that comes from years of experience, as well as extra support in helping you improve the overall sustainability of your organisation. 

Glassey Fundraising & Event Management offers a wide variety of services including, but not limited to, a full “hands-on” service of Administration, Backup and Support, Strategic Planning & Development, Research, Fundraising from Trusts & Foundation, Advice and Guidance in submitting funding applications and proposals, Training and Mentoring, and more. A full list of the services we offer can be found under “Our Services.”

We aim to work with each client, either short term or long term, to raise significantly greater funding than they might be able to otherwise.